TEC International Online Day

March 17, 2021

The Bystanders

TEC International Online Day, this year entitled "The Bystanders," is held annually on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It deals with education for tolerance, ties between cultures, educational collaboration and the use of educational models for breaking stigmas and building trust between the different cultures.

This year, it will focus on the role of "The Bystanders" both in Israeli society and around the world. Despite the global consensus that tolerance, dialogue and empathy should be promoted, we are witnessing more and more discrimination, racism and hatred all around the globe, and only a few are taking action.

This Online Day will host organizations and associations  that have dedicated their time to significant educational activities for social change.  Recent studies will be presented, together with tips on encouraging tolerance and fostering activism.

The conference is intended for pupils, school teachers and principals, college students and educators in higher education institutions, policy makers throughout the educational systems, associations and organizations that work to promote multiculturalism, and guests and lecturers from abroad.

The conference combines theoretical lectures and interactive workshops, thus enabling enrichment and discussion of existing theory in the field and providing a source of inspiration for practical and creative educational activities.


Simultaneous translation into English, Arabic and Hebrew will be available.